Military Biography

From Quaker schoolboy to
elite Australian SAS soldier

Indebted is not your usual military memoir. Col ‘Sketchy’ Moyle has not led an ordinary life.

His story is a humorous and thought-provoking insight into jungle warfare, the training culture of the Special Air Service and his outstanding military career.

Fascinating and difficult to put down.

❝I loved this book. It is pithy and pungent, always insightful, often hilarious❞
– General Sir Peter Cosgrove, AK, MC (Retd)


‘As lonely as a bastard on Father’s Day’

Col ‘Sketchy’ Moyle spent most of his working life as a soldier and went on to become an elite member of the Australian Special Air Service. A risky occupation and many death-defying moments.

His story is one of determination, courage and perseverance in the face of extreme physical and psychological stress. A larrikin at heart, humour and practical jokes are plentiful.

Indebted is a powerful book that captures the spirit of the men and women who fight to protect our country.

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 General Sir Peter John Cosgrove, AK, MC | Image

 His Excellency General the Honourable Sir
Peter John Cosgrove, AK, MC (Retd)

❛Colin and I went to war together, many years ago…

If I could bottle ‘essence of Moyle’, I would inoculate every Army recruit with it on Day 1. They’d get courage in abundance, wisdom, shrewdness, toughness leavened by compassion and endless good humour.

…Col’s love of family, the Army and Australia calls from its pages. It is a fascinating and compelling yarn.❜

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